Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Selection

         The Selection by Kiera Cass is a book that takes place in a future of castes and hunger. Sound familiar? This is not the Hunger Games. This book is about "the Selection" in which 35 girls are chosen to compete to win the Prince's heart. Now, you may think, "this is soooo like  the Bachelor!" and you're right, but you're also wrong. This  book follows the strong female protagonist America Singer. She has been drawn into this competition by accident and does not want to become a princess. She loves someone else (Aspen) and is conflicted by her feelings.The point of view of this book makes it more than a futuristic "Bachelor" episode. Because of America's unique ideas about the Selection, the readers get to see the deeper problems of the country and the political side of this society. If this story was from one of the other girls it might sound something like this, "OMG! I love Prince Maxon! I love the castle! I will do anything to win! Does my hair look OK?" So thank you to Ms.Cass for giving us this great P.O.V.

          I also found this book interesting because it showed a different point of view of the rebel-government relationship. In all of the other sci-fi books that I have read, the protagonist has been a rebel, but now we get to see the life of the government during rebel attacks. In conclusion, this book is not quite as girly-romantic as it seems. The book centralizes on the romantic relationship between America and Aspen and America and Maxon, but there is more to the plot than romance, so read it! I really liked this book, it's sci-fi and of course has a strong female lead. I recommend it to anyone who likes the Hunger Games and/or Graceling. And if you haven't read any of those books, get up and find them! Seriously, they're  my favorite books!

        I know I just posted about Bitterblue, and clearly I have not finished it yet...I think I have ADD with books because I have started 2 other books in the last week and only finished this next is Bitterblue I promise!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This came in the mail today!!! Sorry if I am way behind and this came out a while ago...but YAYAYAYAYAYYYYYYY! Just in time for me to have another thing to use for procrastination!!!! YAYAY! Which means...if I'm good...I won't read it until summer...but that's only a few weeks away!!!!
Check in soon for more BITTERBLUE updates!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have)

TEN THINGS WE DID (AND PROBABLY SHOULDN'T HAVE) by Sarah Mlynowski is one of those typical teenage girl books. It follows a high school junior (April) as she lives on her own with her friend (Vi). They have many "adventures" if that is what you can call their life with out parents.

OK, before you judge me. It IS an interesting concept . . . UGH! You are probably thinking one of two things. Either, "WHAT THE HELL!?! This is the girl who has been writing about these super frickin' awesome SCI-FI ADVENTURE books!!?!? WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE WORLD!?!?" OR you are thinking, "YES! THANK GOD! A SHE IS FINALLY REVIEWING A "GIRL" BOOK!"  But I don't have that many viewers . . . so . . .

Honestly, I have no idea why I chose this book . . . I was so embarrassed that I went to the self check out computer at the library...Well, maybe you didn't think either of those things. I don't know. I'm not a mind reader. But if you thought the latter, FYI I wrote a review about a Sarah Dessen book . . . also, many of the books I read (as SCI-FI as they maybe) have some romantic element . . . 

It was good. Very centered on the love life of the main character. MAN this chick has an easy junior year . . . well except for all those problems she runs into: "OH! I love my boyfriend, but now there is some other hot dude hitting on me!" kind of stuff . . . but interesting. Good light read. And I have been procrastinating from my sophomore thesis  and projects and finals. . . OK not about the book anymore . . . but you guys should read it! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012


INSURGENT by Veronica Roth is the sequel to DIVERGENT. It follows the deterioration of a futuristic government. In this society people are separated into different factions depending on personality type. They are born into a faction, but on their sixteenth birthday they may choose to change factions. However, they are contained from the rest of the world (if there is anything else left we don't know) and this story follows the society trying to figure out what is on the other side of the fence.

It was a good read, but MANY continuity issues.  (and caution! Mild spoilers if you have not read EITHER Divergent or Insurgent!!!!!) At one point Tris confronts someone: (from her point of view) "...and I scramble to my feet, draw my gun, and point it at her, all with out thinking." Well girl, Ms. Roth was clearly not thinking of your PTSD from shooting one of your best friends when she wrote this. And never had a gun to begin with....but wait there's more! This quote..."I hear tapping on the window and jerk my head to the side, for a split second believing that it is Fernando trying to get in. But it's just rain." Let's remember back a few pages shall we when your friend - oh that's right!- BLEW THE FREAKING GLASS OUT OF ALL THE WINDOWS!!!!!!! "[the device] bounces onto the windowsill and rolls into the glass . . . all at once the window - and the windows above, below, and next to it - shatters into hundreds of tiny pebbles..." OK, yeah. Veronica seriously, how can you forget something like that. Honestly, I read it and I was like "GIIIIRRRL wassup wit you. Those windows are gone sweetheart." But nevertheless we encounter another continuity problem. After Tris's little act with the mystery appearing gun, it has dissipated! "It's only there, in the midst of chaos, that I realize I forgot the stunner [a new weapon since she can't hold a gun with out breaking down] in the empty classroom. I am unarmed again." Seriously, what happened to that EFFING GUN!!!! This is for reals people. Please, please comment and correct me if I have missed something, but this is just, well, sloppy.

As for the rest of the book, too many characters, too many mood swings. But whateves. Good read. LOTS of romantic scenes between Tris and Four/Tobias. That's all I have to say...I recommend this book if you like Sci-Fi (which I LOOOOOVVVEEEE!).

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jackie Emerson on The Hunger Games book

Earlier today I tweeted to lots of the cast of The Hunger Games. So far only a response from Jackie Emerson (Foxface).

Here it is! Thanks Jackie! :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fictional Food: District 12 Drop Biscuits and Katniss approved Puffy Buttermilk Biscuits

Well, this morning I made buttermilk biscuits(which is posted below), but I saw this post from about the District 12 drop biscuits. When I made them I was not brave enough to use whole wheat flour again, well, actually, my family begged me not to use it, since they actually wanted to EAT the food rather then pretend to be Katniss Everdeen (which of course my motive to make them...)
    Here is the post from These biscuits look a lot more realistic than mine! They also took the time to actually make this a realistic recipe and even bought special grains. Really cool!
District 12 drop biscuits from 
check it out! 
Katniss Approved Buttermilk Biscuits from The Hunger Games chapter 6
"Using a mouthpiece that magically appears when Katniss opens the menu in her Capitol living quarters, Katniss orders this dish along with a side of goose liver. But when the puffy bread can't quench Katniss's hunger, we see that it's a metaphor for the Capitol itself: full of hot air." -The Unofficial Hunger Games Cook Book by Emily Ansara Baines
These turned out well. But I think I made them a little too big...they increased a lot in size, and burnt a little on the top. But other than that they were good.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hunger Games Original Food Contest

So there is a Hunger Games "cook off", run by a San Jose newspaper. And of course because I am doing this cookbook project, I'm going to enter it. Check it out!
Check out the contest rules here
and for more great HG news check out